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Choo Choo! (Yeah, It’s a Train Music Episode) Hey, who likes trains? Because I do, and this episode is all about how different VGM composers interpret the sound of the train into actual music. Track listing:
0:25: Charge Man Theme / Mega Man 5 / Mari Yamaguchi
2:05: Train Ride / Animal Crossing (Gamecube) / Kazumi Totaka, Kenta Nagata, Toru Minegishi and Shinobu Tanaka
3:34: Excess Express at Night / Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door / Yoshito Hirano, Yuka Tsujiyoko and Saki Haruyama
4:45: Railroad Wrath / Cuphead / Kristofer Maddigan
9:36: The Long Train (Act II, Part I) / Nina Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos / Ryuichi Nitta and Mayuko Okamura
12:51: Living on the Deck / Metal Slug X / Takushi Hiyamuta and Yoshihiko Wada 17:46: Flash Train / Street Fighter EX 2 / Takayuki Aihara, Shinji Hosoe and Ayako Saso 22:05: Bullet Bill Express / Super Mario 3D World / Mahito Yokota, Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo and Yasuaki Iwata
25:45: Molentary Express / Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box / Tomohito Nishiura 30:38: Metro City Subway / Final Fight (Arcade) / Manami Matsumae, Yoshihiro Sakaguchi, Yasuaki Fujita, Hiromitsu Takaoka, Yoko Shimomura, Junko Tamiya, Harumi Fujita 33:28: Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time / Mutsuhiko Izumi and Kozo Nakamura 36:08: Wreck Train / Wario Land: Shake It! / Tomoya Tomita and Minako Hamano
40:25: Armored Train / Wild Guns Reloaded / Hiroyuki Iwatsuki‎ and Haruo Ohashi 44:44: Overworld Adventure / Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks / Toru Minegishi, Manaka Tominaga, Asuka Ota and Koji Kondo
48:55: The Mission / Final Fantasy VIII / Nobuo Uematsu
51:31: Get on the Train (Necro’s Theme) / Street Fighter III / Hideki Okugawa and Yuki Iwai
54:09: Phantom Train / Final Fantasy VI / Nobuo Uematsu Drew on Twitter:
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… the nostalgia, i mean, just because i never existed then, doesnt mean i dont love these games…

@gameboydemakes: Glad I’m not the only one who hears it! It’s definitely that French horn and timpani combo that does it.

Me upon hearing Wario Land “Aw yiss, Wario Land”, me upon hearing the additional “shake it”…well, that’s fair too :D. I just may have a SLIGHT (ever so slight of course) bias towards the Game boy :D.

@aaron-jimenez-17: Had the exact same experience!

Cool, i dunno abou you but the upcoming sunset drive was one of the episodes I (and a few other followers) recommended. 2 tracks that fit that ep are Sunset Men (Hotel Dusk) and Your Sunset (Tekken Tag 2).

Wait, wasn’t a variation of this in Captain Toad? I heard it on the Super mario b-sides episode.

I played SFEX2+ and Skullamania was my fave, because hes like a cross between spiderman and kamenrider with a skeleton cosplay.

Comment by RGV

Ok sorry you’re pointing it, obviously. =)

Comment by RGV

Clear influeces by Morricone spaguetti westerns, For a Few Dollars More, in particular.

I remember you using this as a closing track for the 16bit halloween episode. Such an ominous and forbidding song its is the best!

Having also been (and I guess still am) a fan of steampunk and things Old West, I can’t help but hear the score of Back to The Future III in here.

chugga chugga