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Winners Don’t Use Drugs Back before mainstream pop started sampling video game music willy-nilly, The Pixies went a step further and wholesale covered a VGM composition: the theme from NARC, a 1988 arcade game. This says as much about The Pixies as it does Brian Schmidt’s great soundtrack for this game, and in the scope of Singing Mountain’s series looking into the intersection of VGM and mainstream pop music, it’s an outlier in that the latter isn’t screwing over the former. This episode’s show notes: Listen to all VGM+POP episodes: Track listing:
0:07: Krak Street (Main Theme) / NARC / Brian L. Schmidt
2:09: The Bridge / NARC / Brian L. Schmidt
4:12: The Junkyard / NARC / Brian L. Schmidt
6:04 The Pipeline / NARC / Brian L. Schmidt
8:53: Sunset Strip / NARC / Brian L. Schmidt
9:41: Where Is My Mind? / The Pixies
10:08: Velouria / The Pixies
11:01: Sunset Strip / NARC / Brian L. Schmidt
11:38: Theme From NARC / The Pixies
13:23: Skyhich’s Nursery / NARC / Brian L. Schmidt
16:32: The Nursery / NARC / Brian L. Schmidt
17:30: The Inner Sanctum / NARC / Brian L. Schmidt
20:10: Title Theme / Black Knight 2000 / Brian Schmidt, Dan Forden and Steve Ritchie Drew on Twitter:
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